Monday, July 13, 2009

Long Distance Dreams

So I survived Tales of the Cocktail 2009... barely. I won't go into all of the details, but suffice to say it was madness not just on another level, but on a plane of existence completely divorced from reality. In brief, then, some touchstones: Obscene alcohol abuse. Flagrant disrespect for centuries-old traditions and spirits. Shots of Tobala mezcal with Ron Cooper and Steve Olson. Roaming the hallways with Don Lee at 4 am. Losing my mind in the awful soul-withering chaos that was 7 Deadly Sins. Helping to make over 10,000 cocktails in one day. Finishing multiple bottles of Cynar. Standing guard in the Monteleone lobby and doing shots with all who passed through at 5 am. Seeing Kermit Muffett (sp?) in a perfect little NOLA dive. Dinner at Bacchanal, with music by the Moonshiners. Stepping behind the stick at Cure. Drinking Chartreuse with Philip Duff in the airport. Rapid stress level swings. Meeting and working with some of the funnest and downright coolest folks in the biz. Jamie Boudreau everywhere. Midnight walk through the Quarter with Darcy O'Neil. Old Absinthe House. Crowdsurfing Harry Johnson while chugging Averna. Jeff Grdinich, Don Lee and John Deragon, my heroes. 60/40. George T. Stagg Juleps by the rooftop pool. Nuff Said.